Examinations are taken following the IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF TEACHERS OF DANCING SYLLABI with sessions held at the end of each term.  Parents will be advised at the end of the previous term if their child is deemed ready for an examination. The Academy's teachers are very aware that  children develop at different rates and therefore assess each pupil individually when organising examination sessions.  The Academy has an excellent examination record and we all strive to maintain this standard.  Parents are advised that it is essential for pupils to attend 2 classes a week during the term of their examination. 


The Academy is keen to encourage many of its pupils to take part in Festivals.  I will approach parents if I feel your child is ready to dance in a festival solo. There are also opportunities for pupils to represent the Academy in Group dances.  However I would like to advise parents of the additional rehearsal time required and the associated costs.  It is worth noting that festivals require a considerable amount of time and expense, therefore I would advise that both parents and pupils think carefully about the commitment involved.  


The Academy is keen to encourage pupils to take pride in their appearance and ask that they always wear the correct uniform and hair dressed in a bun for ballet and tied back for all other genres.  Parents are reminded that they will get the opportunity to see their childrens progress when invited to watch classes but ask that they refrain from peeping in - including through the window, as this is distracting for all pupils. Of course there are certain circumstances where this rule will be relaxed, ie with new or very timid pupils.